• Khama product ingredients

    In honour of Fashion Revolution Day Khama is posting the first in a series of illustrations detailing what our products are made from. You not only know who made our products but also what they are made from.


    Made by Lila Marie Hamilton

  • Bomber Jackets – Ethnic Threads

    We made a limited edition of Bomber Jackets for Ethnic Threads see the collection below…

    Models Chenjerani & Thoko from Kasungu.

  • KHAMA – Paris Essex Knitwear Collaboration

    KHAMA has collaborated with Tiphaine & Carolyn of Paris Essex Knitwear.

    Designed by Paris Essex and made by KHAMA.

    Here are some behind the scenes shot showing our sampling workshops in the village and our production in the KHAMA workshop in Kasungu, Malawi.

    KHAMA instructor teaching the group

    The final line up of yarn for bulk production to be divided and given to the group to knit & crochet.

  • KHAMA meets London College of Fashion Textile students

    London College of Fashion Textile Students have been researching textile design techniques for KHAMA to use in Malawi in our workshop. Printing using rice, heat, shells, seeds & natural dyes all available on the farms where our producers work.

    Printing with rice…..

    Really amazing work!

    Watch this space for some of these techniques to be featured in our new collection!

  • Meet our new crochet suppliers in the Village

     Had a great day visiting Micro Enterprise Africa’s groups in the villages near Kasungu, Malawi.

     I had not intended to find a new group of producers – but was wearing one of our crochet bags and one for the group spotted it and said they could make it. We are now working together on our new production making our crochet products! These groups find it difficult to get to the town to access the market, so we send out materials on motorbikes and collect the items when they are finished and pay the groups directly. And not just women volunteers……

    Crochet is not just for girls!

    Shop our new crochet products!

  • Our search for cotton…..

    We travelled to the south of Malawi, Balaka where most of Malawian cotton originates…in an attempt to meet with suppliers who could help us source high quality ethically produced cotton.

    One of the farms we visited was Toleza,  a sustainable farm that works with a large network of cotton farmers.

    Cotton Plant

    Local Farmers pick & pack the cotton and are paid by weight.

  • KHAMA Street Art collaboration

    KHAMA collaborated with Street Artists Sweet Toof, Aida & Malarky to do a range of tote bags!

    Read more here…

  • That Big Event in London….

    KHAMA collaborated with illustrator Tobatron to make alternative merchandise for ‘That Big Event in London…’

    All the bags were handmade in the KHAMA workshop in Kasungu.

    Read more information here and see behind the scenes from the workshop below!