Situated at the base of Kasungu Hill in the centre of Malawi, Kasungu is a busy trading town around 80 miles north of the capital, Lilongwe. Having grown up around the tobacco farming industry, the market is now the heart and soul of the town, with the many smallholder farmers from the local area coming to sell their produce. KHAMA's workshop is located in a lively parade of shops where people also come to trade goods and socialise.
KHAMA is often visited by children from the nearby school.
KHAMA is situated near the busy and lively local market.
Tomatoes or money makers are sold everywhere in Kasungu as they are easy to grow and easy to sell.
Smallhold farmers from the local area come to Kasungu to sell their produce.
KHAMA is situated near the local school, many of the uniforms have been made by members of our team.
Kasungu is home to many skilled craftspeople, fixing and making anything from shoes to cars.