KHAMA collaborated with well known London Street Artists Sweet Toof, Aida and Malarky to design artwork for the new KHAMA collection of tote bags.

Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof has risen up the ranks as a graffiti artist throughout the 80s and 90s, where his letterforms and street styles have evolved alongside a rigorous academic practice as a realist painter and sculptor.

Heavily influenced by the Vanitas paintings of sixteenth century Europe, Mexican Day of the Dead, Subway Art, and the underground comics of Vaughn Bode, his characteristic gummy chompers are a true fusion of street and studio.

Now, the anonymous face that launched a thousand teeth unleashes the beast and charges forward once again with a fleet of new works and an army of horsemen braced to paint the East End by storm. It's a call to arms in the battle for free expression: join forces, or else just grin and bear it.


A political refugee from the Middle East in the early 80's, Aida has been an associate lecturer (and alumni) on the Surface Design Program at the London College of Communication for the past 12 years.

During this time Aida has built up her hand printed clothing company Brag, selling to the likes and had a print studio and shop in the heart of the East Ends Brick Lane until 2008. Almost always striving to move forward she decided to slightly change the direction of her creative career and has been diversifying and progressing to produce work both inside and out, compiling paste-up installations in various special environments as well as having released numerous screen printed art work editions & exhibiting widely.

Now working under the umbrella brand of The Glorious House of Brag which includes,, showcasing her designs, clothing & Screen Print editions as well as running an independent print house offering artist editions and a consultancy service. Her favorite motto is “I will sleep when I am dead”


Malarky is a Street Painter, Illustrator and Skateboarder, originally from South London.

Nowadays half of the time he can be found putting colour on the streets of grey London, the other half you can find him drinking a beer and painting a truck in the sunshine of Barcelona.

Special thanks to Esther F. Castelo an Art Historian researching for her PhD in Street Art, for providing inspiration, helping liaise with the artists and making the project a reality.

Esther has been collaborating and organising artistic projects for more than 10 years, two of them in her own gallery in Madrid. In November 2012 she curated ‘Espanish Conexion’ an exhibition in London East End with more than 70 Graffiti and Street Art artists from Spain at the High Rollers Society Gallery.

Esther has been working with High Rollers since April 2011, and currently works at the Whitechapel Gallery.